let's start your wealth building for the future with a long term strategy that produces present day peace of mind



I listen as you explain your needs, dreams and fears. Then together we design a plan that shows you how we can help you reach your financial goals.



We work together to implement the plan. Then our financial planning tools will keep you updated on where you stand and allow us to adapt the plan as life happens.



I'm here for you whenever you need. Call at any time, for any reason. Buying a new car? Ask for my advice. Been offered a new job? Let's talk.

How Much Do You Need To Retire Comfortably? 

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"retirement investing 101" - available on amazon

I took the lessons I learned over the years about how to invest for financial freedom (also known as Retirement) and put it into a book, "Retirement Investing 101: A step by step process for building and managing a retirement portfolio".

about phillip

After listening to clients and prospective clients in over 5,000 meetings, I observed people wanting more than just investment advice from their wealth manager. Many wanted comprehensive financial advice on all their major financial decisions. So I created Stone Hill Wealth Management, a registered investment advisory firm, and built a process and a team to deliver that service.


Before starting my own firm, I earned a finance degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio, worked as a financial adviser for a large financial services company for 8 years and spent two years on an investment committee at a boutique registered investment advisory firm where we managed a little over $90 million.


Today clients hire my firm to help them make many important financial decisions (i.e., investing, money management, estate planning, exit planning for a business or joint venture, buying a home, car, rental property, etc).

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stress test your portfolio

I will test your portfolio with 1,000 different market scenarios. This analysis takes into account your goals, income and expenses, fees and taxes, Social Security, and current holdings to determine your chances of making it through retirement.

I don't sell products

Get objective advice from someone who is not incentivized  by selling products that only pay out high commissions. I'm a fee only advisor that is looking out for your best interest at all times. 

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Get a financial plan that is designed to grow and adapt as your wealth is building. As your needs and desires change, so does your plan to stay ahead of market changes to meet your retirement goals.

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Get started today by requesting a no cost consultation and start planning the retirement you've always dreamed of, but have yet to obtain. 

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