Discover how to create a plan that gives you confidence you will no longer have to worry about money.

Financial Planning Process

The Financial Check-Up is designed to give you a realistic view at your current lifestyle, how well your portfolio is performing right now, and to provide some guidance on how you can achieve your financial goals without being overwhelmed or feeling like you have to live below your means.  Our process is simple, we charge a $2500 fee to create a financial plan customized for you.  If you are interested in investing with us, we'd love to speak with you about that during our financial planning meeting.


where are you now?

We will analyze your current portfolio to get a snapshot of where you are now relative to your lifestyle.


what are your goals?

We will work together to establish new goals that will meet your financial needs.


Invest Long term!

The best way to achieve your goals is to think long term. Slow and steady wins the race.

We don't sell products

Get objective advice from someone who is not incentivized  by selling products that only pay out high commissions. I'm a fee only advisor that is looking out for your best interest at all times. 

Get A Personalized Plan

Get a financial plan that is designed to grow and adapt as your wealth is building. As your needs and desires change, so does your plan to stay ahead of market changes to meet your retirement goals.

Book a time to discuss your financial goals with a wealth manager to see which financial planning package is right for you