You and a guest are invited to join us at Keller Williams Desoto for an educational workshop on Retirement Income Planning

"What Happens After The Paycheck Stops?"

A complimentary informational workshop on how to create a money management system that will continue to provide you with income once you retire without buying annuities!

Retirement Income Planning @ Keller Williams Desoto Office

Thursday, March 5th

6:30 PM

Keller Williams Desoto Office
2010 N Hampton Rd #300

DeSoto, TX 75115

This is a must attend class if you have paid off debt, have a more complex financial situation, or you're interested in simplifying your life when it comes to your money.

We will discuss the following:



Learn how to emulate some of the investment practices used by foundations, endowments, and pension funds that may have previously been known only by the ultra wealthy.


Income Planning

Discover how to create an income plan removes your need to feel you have to worry about running out of money.


Social Security

Social security may or may not be a big part of the income you expect to live on in retirement. Whatever part it plays, we will show you how to decide when to take it and how it fits in your overall plan.


Portfolio Strategies

The Swiss Army knife of a financial instrument does not exist. Learn why giving portions of your investments specific job descriptions (to grow, protect, or generate income) is prudent.


Retirement Investing Myths

Discover the major myths that cause investors to make bad decisions when it comes to planning for their retirement.

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Why we created this class:

This educational workshop was created for investors with at least $250,000 who want effective investment strategies withing being overwhelmed with mountains of financial information.

There is no cost or obligation, but we are only hosting a limited number of guests.

Many people think other relatively wealthy people have all these crazy investments with special tax treatment that only a few very smart people know how to set up ...That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Come learn how to really create the financial outcomes you deserve without being worried about being sold a financial product.

* Stone Hill Wealth Management is a fee only wealth management firm, which means we provide ongoing financial planning and investment advice to our clients for a fee, not tied to financial products pushed by insurance companies or investment brokers.