You and a guest are invited to join us at Inver Hills Community College for an informational worshop on Retirement Income Planning!

Return of Market Volatility

How To Navigate The Turbulent Waters

Retirement income planning @ Inver Hills Community College

Thursday, January 30th
7:00 PM

Tuesday, February 4th
7:00 PM

Inver Hills Community College

Fine Arts Building: Room 294

2500 80th St E.

Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

This is a must attend class if you are already retired or plan on retiring in the next 10 years or less. The decisions you make today will affect how you live out your retirement.

We will discuss the following:


Inflation & Taxes

Help protect your wealth against market volatility, inflation, rising interest rates, and taxes.



Discover why losing money early in retirement dramatically impacts lifetime income streams.


Market Volatility

Is your portfolio designed to prosper during good market environments and to withstand poor ones?



The Swiss Army knife of a financial instrument does not exist. Learn why giving portions of your investments specific job descriptions (to grow, protect, or generate income) is prudent.



Learn how to emulate some of the investment practices used by foundations, endowments, and pension funds.

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Why we created this class:

You have received this invitation because of where you are in your life – you have reached “The Retirement Red Zone” – the few years before and after retirement. These important years are marked by the migration from the accumulation phase of investing toward the principal preservation and income generation stages. The decisions you make now are critical - and potentially impact you and your family for years to come.

If you're like most hardworking Americans, you don't want to work forever, and retirement is something you're looking forward to enjoying. Chances are you've seen the market go up and down over your career and you're looking for ways to secure a paycheck that will last a lifetime.

We host these workshops to help educate those who are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel so they can have the confidence to retire when they want without the fear of running out of money.